Thursday, August 11, 2011

Easter Bunny Blues

"If you want to live at home, you will go to school or get a job."

I squinted against the light, flooding through the open door, and rolled over to examine the clock. Huh? It wasn't even noon. "Mom?"

Shoulders rigid, she lowered her chin and gave me the stinkeye. "Get dressed and then we'll talk about your future."

The door snicked shut and I flopped onto my back. Great, now what? It wasn't like I skipped school on purpose. I'd drive the family station wagon to the community campus, run over a few curbs, park, and  have every intention of attending class. Then, the shy gene would kick in and I'd find myself at the cinema watching back to back showings of Herbie the Love Bug.

If only she'd send me off to University in another state, where I didn't know anyone, where they didn't know me ...

The phone rang. "Yeah." I listened, getting happier by the second. "Yeah, Okay, tomorrow?"

Six seconds later I was dressed and struting into the kitchen. "Mom," I snatched the car keys off the hook. "I have a job."

"Doing?" Her voice was careful, clipped, close to the edge.

"I'm the Easter Bunny at the mall." I ignored the muscle spasm beneath her left eye and sailed out the door. Even I knew I'd won by default, but damned if I didn't grin right up to the time I donned that smelly, moth-eaten costume. Sorry Mom.