Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy August. Heartfelt Thanks.

Gracias, Merci, D'akujem, Tack, Grazie,
Go raibh maith agat, Thank you!

To Jennifer, who lives life as a wild woman, but took the time to follow along. Be nice to her, she's pulling my plug if the time comes, and not the blog plug, we're talking THE BIG PLUG!

To Braja, my first follower from far, far away. Her site, Lost and Found in India, is a festival of sight, sound & inspiration. Find her at

To Kat in Kentucky who brought her warm fuzzies. Yeah Kat. Look for her at

To Sour Milk who's delightful humor is on display at

To Crystal, at, who's emergency shopping sprees include red flamenco dresses. Yup, go see, and while you're there, follow along!

To Irish, GPS pondering Joan, let her provoke your thoughts at

To wine sippin, boat floatin, Margaret, Peggy or Peg, whose wacky tales take place at

To Jess at whose adventures lean toward tulle. Congrats Ember!

To Lacey, who tagged in at number twelve. My heartfelt thanks.  

I also have a soft spot for danneromero at whose lovely comments inspire me, and whose lovely blog will inspire you.

And to Marlia!  Don't forget to visit the happiest site down under,  marlia'   :)

To my new friend over at  Love your dress. Mom shopped the JCPenney catalog store and my back to school outfit was a deep green, drop waisted number. Good times.  Welcome!

And don't forget to visit Amy over at where she's whipping up ginger margaritas. Honey child, the last time I had a margarita was at the church taco feed, just before I  put my mother in time out!

Thank you Ladies for making my first month in blogger heaven a joy!



  1. Thanks for the mention Diva... happy August back at ya.

    p.s. I am not deliberately trying to be anonymous. I have tried to upload a pic several times now but it won't work. So it is a shame you are missing out on ALL my gloriousness but maybe I am doing it wrong. I will keep trying LOL.

    Meanwhile Happy first day of September to all!!! And Happy first day of Spring for us here downunder... Fall for you guys in the states (at least I think it is first day of fall for you.)


  2. Oh the joys of the internet. I knew I'd been on your site, but I couldn't link through your icon under followers. Now, viola, I found you again through your lovely flower on the comment page.

    Giv me a sec, I'm off to make changes. Happy September to you too!

  3. oh wow, thanks gene...

    a soft spot... lump in the throat. i am happy to be an inspiration.

    Also, like marlia... i am DAPH (the anonymous one) - i clicked the follow button.. tried to upload my blog pic.. couldn't.. AND it came up only as daph - not sure what's up - ah well, it is my 'nick' name...
    again thanks for the encouragement...

  4. Oh excellent Daphne! I didn't make the connection, so I'm glad you mentioned it.
    These things are so screwy!
    I can do some things on hubbies computer, some things on mine, and still others, well, other just ain't workin!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention Gene Pool Diva! It is my first mention on another blog :) You seem like a very dedicated member of the blogging world, I'm still getting the hang of it! Thanks again and Happy September now to you also, First day of Spring here!

  6. Dedicated ... hmm, more like obsessed newbie. I like to skip the how-to protocol and dive right in. (for better or worse.)
    Happy Spring to you as well!

  7. Ha! I'm not really trying to be anonymous either. I just never got around to creating an actual profile. Silly me. I didn't think anyone even looked at them. I'm at if you want pop over. I swear I'm not hiding!

    I'm trying to get the hang of this too! I just hit the ground running and hoped for the best! So far so good.

  8. OMG, I thought you were my sister! I even thanked her. Well, let me tell you, no Christmas present for the Brat!
    I'll be right over ... after I update that last post. Thanks Amy