Friday, August 19, 2011


Amy Ciraolo
Yesterday my baby sister sat vigil in the cold confines of an intensive care unit.

She went to offer comfort to a friend who lingered in the twilight sleep of coma. She brought the warmth of her spirit and came away with a final squeeze of Helen's fingertips. The gift of her love.

Now, I didn't know Helen well, but my family adored her and admired her courage, and I admire them.

They love big, they love strong, and they aren't afraid of life's tough choices. In fact they'd tell you, when  love's involved, there is no choice. So, to the youngest, who had the opportunity to be with her friend, I love you.

To Jynx., who was busy nursing the ills of the world, I imagine that Helen's spirit can't help but fly over the beauty of the high Sierra's. She will be the breeze that ruffles your hair when you ski those slopes she loved so much. I love you too.


  1. Thanks. I come from a long line of remarkable people. They do great things and I ... remark!

  2. You have a beautiful writing style and I loved this story. Your friend is right. "When love's involved, there is no choice."

  3. Thank you Ladies, I'm so happy to see you here!

  4. Brat here. Thank you! I love you too!