Friday, August 12, 2011

Um ... A coke?

"What would you like to drink?" I ask, parking the beverage cart between seat 12c and 12d.

When I look up, startled eyes meet mine. I wait a moment and then hand over a napkin. Take a hint buddy.


I try again. "Something. To. Drink?"

"Oh, yeah." The passenger looks around as if seeking inspiration, then looks back at me. "What have you got?"

"An attitude," I raise a brow, "what would you like?"

"Oh," he utters, "Um, a coke?"

"You sure?" I grin. "I don't mind going through the list."

"No, no, I alway's get a coke."

So, we're having this conversation, because ...


  1. Because far too many people speak without thinking first?!


  2. Too right Pearl, but isn't it fun we do!

  3. Even when you know what you's nice to know there's a choice. Great blog--even if you do like Mama Mia.

  4. Hmmm, I think I like this blog!

  5. Yeah Leenie, I like a choice as well, but I can't help springing the trap before I list the offerings. Just entertaining myself!

  6. Hello R. Jacob, and thanks. I don't know what to think either. Maybe if my sisters stopped by?
    Hey, I could use a brother!

  7. Maybe the diminishing gene pool is wider spread than you think...brat

  8. Decided to start at the beginning....getting confused with the cast of characters.

    So now I know you are a flight attendant, your sister is brat and your dog will eat your ankles. You hubby sounds like mine and your mom has moments of bat shit crazy like mine. :-) I feel comforted in an odd way. We may be related. (I too worked in travel industry until 2006)

  9. Aw, we're kindred spirits. Don't bother looking for continuity. There isn't any. I've had over twenty full time jobs, my sibs are wicked, spouse is wacked, and there's a dysfunctional ex out there somewhere. I have plenty of topics to choose from, and I'm sure it's all the, er, truth! Absolute, my version, truth. :)