Friday, September 23, 2011

Back in the Fold

"Nooo Daddy." Sobs Jinxso as she flings her small body against the front seat of the station wagon.

Eyes locked on mine, Dad grips the steering wheel and ignores her. "Get. Out."

Shoving the car door, I step into the night, into six inches of slush and snow. Nostrils flaring, chin tucked, I vow to get even. I'll show him. I'll show them all. Dad's friend lives a block away. I can see light spilling from the cabin's front window.

He'll know how cruel my family is, when I stand on his porch, in the dark, in the snow, no jacket, no ...

"Daddy." Cries Jinxso and I flinch. Ice water squishes into my wool socks and I fight the need to whirl around and slug her again.

Sensing my father's hesitation, I'm impatient to move, before he changes his mind, before I get revenge. Only I have to wait for an oncoming car. Behind me, Mom's voice, warm and controlled, floats above the melee.

Tears flood my cheeks. They don't love me.

"Nooo Daddy," wails Jinxso, "she has no shoes."

In the next instant, a large hand clamps onto my shoulder and I'm herded back into the car. Mom slants a look in my direction. Beamer smirks, Brats eyes are wide and Jinxso's smile is watery.

I'm home


  1. Nothing like family! What else can I say?

  2. You must of made your daddy mad or he wouldn't of pulled the car over and said "out!" I remember that day, I smucked my sister for looking at me and crinkling her lip the way it made me mad in an instant. It wasn't snowing for me, it was raining and he told me to knock it off but Cindy was being so mean to me so I got to walk home, in the rain, crying my eyes out because nobody loved me and everyone hated me and loved Cindy best. I did learn though not to hit her in the car and to stare out the window more often.
    Yes I made my miles already, I am happy. Next year I'll do a walk/run on. It's been fun keeping tabs.
    Take care and have an awesome and blessed weekend.

  3. Our sisters have a lot of explaining to do. :)

  4. I'm way too easy on my kids, I'm taking a stand. I can hardly wait for the day I dump one of their butts on the side of the road. I only wish it snowed in San Diego.

  5. When they whine drop them into a community service project. I pulled a few hours in my time.

  6. I'm too scared to contribute to this one...

  7. Thank goodness for mom. There has to be someone to settle down the crazies and the chaos. My daddy was the calm. My mom was the storm.

  8. Oh Marlia, Dad's a teddy bear, and Crystal I can be a real snot bucket. Trust me, it took a lot to push him over the edge and he rebounded quickly. :)