Friday, September 30, 2011


"So Niece," I tuck the phone under my chin, "Your mom tells me you'd rather have a phone call than a birthday present."


"So what'd you get?"

"Nothing yet."

 I swear I can hear her shrug and I can't help it, I grin.  I remember all the awkward birthday calls when I was a kid. The silence continues, so I ask. "What would you like?"

She sighs and then says. "A phone call."

Niece has a quick wit. Laughing, I hang up the phone and do a little online shopping. Better late than never.

(Just got a call from Beamer. "Nice earrings. Too bad her ears aren't pierced.")   Sigh.


  1. Ha! So cute! A great aunt, not a Great-Aunt, a fun aunt remembers being a kid and follows her instincts just like you are doing. Ha!

  2. Oh that's funny.
    I think I may have asked, "A phone call from whom?" I mean it could have been Justin Bieber or something....just sayin'

  3. Yep, Beamer passed on a few good genes.

  4. So what's the problem? Send her a note with some holes taped to the bottom of the page. And when she complains, say "Don't tell me you lost the holes already?!! You were supposed to put them in your ear lobes!"

  5. You're bad news Mike, funny, but definitely bad news. :)