Friday, September 30, 2011

Judge, Jury, and ...

"What did you do," I ask without looking up, "egg someone?"

"How'd you know?"

I drop a dish in the sink, surprised that I got it in one. "Spill."

"Well," hubby scratches the top of his head, "some teenage boys tossed soda cans over our fence and into the pool. So I waited a few minutes and then followed them in your car."

"My car?" I squeak. I don't want to be a teen target. I don't want egg yolks splattered on my windshield, or, or ... I slam my hands on my hips and narrow my eyes. "Rob damm it, I ..."

He cuts me off. "Don't worry, it's dark, and I tracked them from a side street and then lobbed a handful of eggs over the car as I passed them at an intersection."

I give a horrified choke of laughter. "And?"

Delighted, he grins back. "Bullseye. Hit one on the top of the head." I groan and he adds, "Don't worry, boys are oblivious."

Uh huh, maybe, but this is why Beamer says I'm on the bus to hell and Rob's driving.


  1. You definitely married the right guy.

  2. I see you're acquainted with hubby's gene pool.

  3. Now I'm lovin' your husband! ha ha ha Been fallin' for you right along here and bam! here comes the exact perfectly matched set!

  4. Hang on, my house was egged a couple of months ago. Where was your husband that night as I think I've found a suspect? :)

  5. thank you for my regular chuckle fest!!!

    My hubby keeps asking me what I am laughing at... I told him there was more than one of him in the world.



  6. Hello RCL, I love to have you visit as well. Someday I'll tell you about Mom's timeout session during the annual church margarita fest. (Psst, what about David Niven?)

    Hi Jo, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you.
    Rob Dammit is definitely twisted in my direction, but he has a big heart.

    Greg, he deserves the blame, unfortunately he sees that as high praise.
    *IT took me forever to find you again, but this time I have your site book marked.

    Marlia you are a delight. Good luck with hubby, but sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the workings of the male mind.
    *Uh, hi Greg :)

  7. This made me strangely happy! Rob sounds like my kind of guy!

  8. Hey there, Diva Person. Got turned onto your blog by your sister Jennifer when I met her and Dave at the wonderful Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park yesterday. Those guys are great! As was the music, the vibes, a sea of happy people, great weather. Wow! Anyway, just saying hello. Keep on a'bloggin'!

  9. LOL...I like your hubby's brand of justice.

  10. i laugh everytime.... gene you are good!...

  11. Oh Linda, he makes me strangely happy too.

    Hi Steve, they are fun, thanks for stopping by.

    Darlene, the inner workings of that boy's mind are scary to behold.

    A.K. & Daph, you got me chuckling. Thanks :)

  12. I guess it's true what they say about a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

  13. How fun!!! At least you are never bored. :) Now I wanna egg something... Hmmm... he's a bad example... :)

  14. I hate to say it. I do. But in this house, the same thing would occur. My husband and I have not grown beyond the maturity of a 12 year old boy. It's why we've stayed married for so long.

    Congratulations on the egging.

  15. Hi Joann, thanks for sticking around. Maturity is overrated and I'm always happy when I'm not the target. (Though I'm usually laughing when I am.)

  16. Hahahaha. I wish I had been there to laugh and point.

  17. As long as I'm not implicated in his schemes, I find them funny too. Thanks for the visit Nari.