Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phew, I'm Back

Maybe it was a brief spurt of insanity, but I decided to switch to a custom domain and fell into the black abyss.

For a week I stabbed keyboard buttons, snapped at my husband and swore at the diabolically unhelpful, helpful forums on Google.

"Speak to the people," I'd scroll through the endless, helpless options and grumble, "speak to the people."

Nothing, can make a sane, reasonably intelligent person feel like a complete idiot quicker than gobbilty gook.

My father once told me the aptitude tests he took in college suggested he pursue English instead of engineering. He ignored that questionable advice and fashioned a career as a civil engineer. An engineer with the talent for explaining his projects in layman's terms.

People understand him. They value his opinion, his willingness to be open and helpful instead of lofty and patronizing, which explains why he enjoys a robust career at the age of 82. Go Dad.

Anyway, back to the issue. When I grew tired of wailing and banging my head on the wall, I channeled the remnants of my inner peace and emailed for help.

Jack G., who wasn't the missing link, was kind enough to set me on the right path, but just like in the depths of  the wilderness, the path wasn't quite as clear cut as I'd hoped. And then I saw it, something familiar, something Jack had tried to illuminate, something I couldn't quite grasp.

Screw it, I was ready to try anything. So what if I created everlasting damage. My pitiful, barely published blog could .... what? Vanish?

So, holding my breath, I stabbed a few buttons, entered a code and presto bingo, I was back.


To celebrate, I would retrace my steps and post a helpful little 'how to' for that poor helpless schmuck over in the WTF forum who was as frustrated as I had been. Only I couldn't find him.

As if by magic, I landed on the clear, concise, instructions that I had just spent a week searching for.



  1. I am jealous. I would so prefer to have my blog as its own domain vs. on blogger! I may need those instructions!

  2. I am so glad I can find you again. I missed you! I couldn't even find a way to send you a message to tell you I had lost you. So frustrating! Anyway, welcome back. And thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I am also a big fan of yours.

  3. Hey Margaret, I always complicate matters because I don't ask questions. I prefer to stab buttons. Turned out to be a simple fix and yes, I kept notes :)

  4. Hi Kat,
    I would have visited you sooner if I'd been a little smarter! Thanks for the nice words.

  5. You must have been unlucky as my switch to a domain was very painless. Then again I may just have been lucky as I didn't do anything to make it happen! I paid some money and sat there like a stunned mullet as it magically became a domain. Is there more to it than that?!

  6. OH you and your magic. Are you perhaps pointing the blame toward operator error?
    Alas, that may be too true. Couldn't follow you back to your blog last time, but this time I was triumphant.
    Thanks for coming back :)

  7. yay! gene is back!..
    a domain? very cool...
    sorta a scary option for me.... why? who knows... like margaret, you may have to send me instructions.. see if i can handle it....

  8. Hi Daph, I missed you, but I can only throw a life line if you step off the trail at the same point I did, otherwise I leave you a trail of Oreos.
    What's that? Oh okay, I'll throw in a thermos of cold milk.

  9. I was wondering where you had gone! lol Glad you're back.
    Now if I could just figure out why blogger won't let me post anywhere as me I'd be a happy camper.
    Unforgettable Jess

  10. Oh Jess, if we could idiot proof these things we could fashion a new career. Mine goes rogue on occasion, but I swear a bit and it's snaps back into line.
    I'm coming over to visit. :)

  11. "My pitiful, barely published blog could .... what? Vanish?"

    There are no guarantees, so I never put anything on my blog but what I have it backed up in quadruplicate.

  12. You are correct, I should have been a tad smarter.