Saturday, October 22, 2011


"The wii won't work."

"Hi Mom," I nestle the phone in the crook of my neck and take a seat, "whatever happened to hello?"

"Oh," she laughs, "Hello."

"Yeah hello yourself, so whats with the wii?"

"Nothings happening."

Great, nothing's happening and I get to troubleshoot from three thousand miles away. "Is there a disc in the machine?"

"Kelly."  Mom's voice is a bit indignant, but then I hear Brat laughing in the background and I start to snicker.


I like these shorthand conversations with family, they make me laugh, but with google, not so much. I am now anonymous. I was shy for forty years, so I don't want to be anonymous. I am sure at some point I'll find my way back from anonymity and splatter my face across the web, but first I have to drive Brat from New York to Los Angeles. So ... pray for me, or pray for Brat, or send me the address to really great diners that serve really great pie ... Sigh


  1. Lol! I admit I never can work that technology stuff so i can identify with your mom. Safe trip!

  2. Hey Regina I finally figured it out! Thanks for stopping by. -Kelly

  3. Aaarrrggghhhh.... That's the 3rd comment I lost today. My internet is all wonky today. Grrrrr...... I'll try again....

    Us old people hate it when the answer is the obvious. LOL

    I don't know any diners between you and your destination. I've only traveled the roads between NY and FL and I save my appetite for when I get to NY where I can find REAL FOOD! LOL

    Have a safe trip!

  4. It's usually me calling for help about the obvious!! And sometimes just so I wont have to get out of MY chair!! LOL.

    Although my mother does call from 2000Kms away for help with the newfangled DVD player.

    And.. I thought ALL american diners served great pie! At least they do in the movies!


  5. Hey, if you are coming through Kentucky let me know and I will try to recommend some good places to eat. If you want to let me know by email mine is Depending on what area you will be going through I may know some good places.

  6. My parents call from thousands of miles away to get their technology problems solved too. Luckily, I'm pretty much inept at all that and can just hand the phone over to Jon!

  7. Family's the best source of entertainment around. Thanks for stopping by guys.