Monday, October 10, 2011


"What,d you do, pack your little brother in that bag?"
Gargantua slides a paw across the overhead bin and glares down at me.

I grin.

He grunts. "It'll fit."

"Maybe," I allow, "but I'll just stick around for the entertainment value."

Muscles bulging, tattoos shifting, he wrestles his bag, changing angles, swearing and finally conceding defeat. "You could help."

"No," I tilt my head from side to side, "I forgot to put UPS on speed dial."

Laughter surrounds us and he gives a frustrated grin. "Help."

"Oh okay. Get out of the aisle so the good travelers can take a seat." I weave through the crowd and then call over my shoulder. "Pull some of the crap out of your duffle and I'll bring you a silver bag."

Five minutes later Gargantua's luggage makes it's way into the bin and he struggles into his seat. "Now, isn't that comfy." I say, handing him a dum-dum sucker. He looks so harrassed, I chuckle, then realize his attention is focused on the forward cabin. I turn just as my coworker thunders down the aisle.

"I told you to check your bag sir, we do not have time ... " She breaks off as Gargantua and I widen our eyes and raise our brows.

"What bag?" I ask.

"What bag?" He echos.


  1. Men rarely ask women for help... He must really have been in a fix! :)

  2. Nah, I think he was desperate to get ride of me!

  3. The dum-dums are a great touch! Where have you been on all of my flights, huh? :)

    ps - Thanks for visiting! It was awesome to hear from someone who actually has to deal with all of us pain-in-the-kazoos.

  4. Glad you stopped by!

    Some of my co-workers are scary. Oh okay, me too, but only when I need to be fed, watered and put to bed.

    I wear geranium pink hi tops with my uniform so people don't take me too seriously.

  5. Maybe he was afraid of your co-worker and he knew she would be back! LOL!

  6. I'm glad to see that you take your sense of humor to work with you. :O)

  7. Took me a long time to ignore the airline, ignore the union, and just enjoy myself. :)