Friday, October 7, 2011

Shake em Honey

Gene Pool Diva
Shrugging into a parka, I reach for an old pair of leather gloves and catch dad watching me.

His blue eyes twinkle. "Shake out the gloves, honey."

"Really Dad, we're still doing this?" I smirk.

He guffaws and wiggles his fingertips in the air. "Want the gore-tex pants?"

"Nah, jeans are fine." I take one last sip of coffee and then work my hands into the gloves.

"Shake ... "

Jinxso bounds up the stairs. " ... The gloves out honey." We say in unison.  She takes a look at me and grins. "Did I ever tell you how I found out about Dad's fingers?"

"No." I watch Dad flip a hand in the air.

Jinxso's smile widens. "When I came up the stairs to Dads office and saw his bandaged hand. I said, 'what'd you do, stick your hand in the snow blower?'"

I smirk and reclaim my cup. "And?"

He said, "As a matter of fact, I did and your old boyfriend's father did the same thing, only he stuck his hand in further."

We howl. Dad's grin is sheepish, and Mom rolls her eyes. "Earl," she barks, biting back a laugh, "it's okay to be useful as well as ornamental. I'm sure the girls want waffles."

Of course we want waffles.


  1. * I know, I know, but humor is what passes for balance in my family.

  2. I stuck my hand into a miter saw once at the boatyard and by the time I came back from the clinic with two stitches in the side of my finger,the rumor going round was that my arm was cut off!

  3. Always one of my favorite stops of the week. :O)

  4. Mike, thank goodness your exploits are more rumor than fact. It's nice to keep one's hands intact.

    Beth, Marlia, I can't thank you enough for the return trips to my baby blog. I'm going to learn a thing or two from excellent company.

  5. Yep, Daddy Raccoon, he was a girl scout for thirty years. Everybody loves him. Big heart. Big grin. Bad jokes.