Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stamp my Ticket

The Brat and her hairdresser on the set of the newest Bourne film. She'll be a gate agent.

Are we kidding people? Do you now see what I'm up against?

As the only kid in the family with a shy gene, I once told my father I was adopted.

His response. "No honey, you're mine. The rest are adopted."

I love Dad.

So gentle reader, I have a favour to ask. When you're sitting in a dark movie theatre and a certain cheeky blonde flits into view, please fling a few milk duds at the screen for me.

Honestly, I love her. This is just therapeutic exercise.

Oh come on. What if I told you, she takes pictures for the Lt Dan Band and spent a Madrid layover backstage with Bon Jovi?

Ah Hah, I thought you'd be on my side. May I suggest the extra large box of candy?


  1. Milk Duds at the ready. I was going to just get the theater-sized box, which is pretty big, but then I read the Bon Jovi thing. I think I might stop at Sam's Club on the way to the movies to pick up the really jumbo one.

  2. I knew I liked you!
    I'd like to say this is a on-off for the Brat, but no, this her life. Beamer and Jinxso are the same, which leaves me wondering about my paternity. I mean, I look like them, but ...

  3. Sounds like a waste of good Milk Duds! (What's a BonJovi?)

  4. I never know if you are kidding or serious.
    BonJovi? Seriously now that I can get "behind"

  5. I can't believe her! I am definitely on your side. I would do anything (almost) to just see Bon Jovi live, let alone be backstage with them!

  6. ICBMs at the ready Diva - just give me the coordinates!....after all I don't think I can hurl a milk dud that far even if I DID play softball in school.


  7. I know, I know, she's a trip. So it turns out she wasn't backstage with Bon Jovi. Nope, she saw them in the VIP room. She showed up with a camera, asked for a press pass and voila.

    And guess who was strolling with Prince Harry in NY's central park on veterans day?

    Yup, you got it! Miss I-think-I'll-reinvent-myself-as-a-photographer.

    Oh and today was a wrap, so if she doesn't hit the cutting room floor, we'll just see the back of her head. But look for her, she's mine.

  8. Nice post from the shy one? Thanks for visiting

  9. Sisters. I compare myself to mine ceaselessly too. It can drive a woman to drink. :) (Or throw round chocolate candies at a movie theater screen.) :)

  10. I'm afraid to touch milk duds because I shoplifted some when I was 4 and got caught. Would Goobers do? Because I love those. Lt Dan? Seriously? Not Fair!

  11. Hi Kiwi, thanks for stopping by. At least I've morphed from shy to reserved with brief spurts of obnoxious activity around total strangers. Sigh

    Goobers are an excellent choice MPG. Beamer once stole an ice cream sandwich, but slipped it in her back pocket and it melted.

    Hi Crystal. When I'm around Mom & Brat, I feel like I've been drinking. :)

  12. Why did your Dad call her Brat? Maybe he was hungry and calling to your Mom for a Brat (wurst) and your sister just got caught in the middle?

  13. Milk problem. I'll go see the movie just to throw the candy.

  14. Mike, if you don't get with the program you'll have to take your milk duds and go home.
    Did you not read my first post?

  15. *Milk Duds Purchased* *Ready for Flinging*
    Hey girl, thanks again for the award. I linked you up on my latest post. You rock!!

  16. Nari, Dawn, you are my heros.
    Mike, I'm sensing this is a gender issue. :)

  17. This post is hilarious. Actually, I would use Jr. Mints. Ha ha.

    Thanks for your comment on my site!

    The Write Soil

  18. Aw thanks Dawn. I'll take all the support I can get and Jr mints are an excellent choice for theatre ammo!