Thursday, November 10, 2011

CSI New York, Second Generation

"Want to come to a mid season bash for
 CSI NY?" Asks Brat. "It'll be fun."

Really? Is there someone Brat doesn't know?

I give her a look. I've worked back to back trips, landed in Miami and caught a flight to New York only to discover she isn't packed, her tires are cracked and she has an agenda that makes my eye balls roll back in their sockets.

"Excellent," she crows, "Beamer is bringing the kids and maybe we can tour the set before the concert."

"Maybe," I manage a civil tone, "you could finish packing so we can get to California on time." Brat is set to photograph the Lt. Dan band as they perform an outdoor concert behind the set of CSI NY. I know Brat. Brat will not travel a straight line from point to logical point. She will hop from friend to friend, regardless of time constraints.

We breezed into Studio City a little after two in the morning.

By three that afternoon, Niece was posing with Jeff Vezain, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Nephew had taken over Mac's desk.

Met his demise and wound up in the hands of his sister. I can sympathize. I've been in the hands of my sister for a week. Don't tell her, but I've had a blast.

Kimo Williams, Electric guitar-vocals                                                 Gary Sinise, Electric Bass

Glad to know there aren't any wall flowers in our family. Hey wait, what about me?


  1. Nothing like a bit of name dropping - hehehehe!

    glad you had a good time.

  2. By the end of out trip Brat was signing her texts, Brat & Smelly. Now that's name dropping! :)

  3. wow! how did you manage that gig? CSI is so my thing!...

    wallflower? you? really?

  4. I've turned green with envy! Gary Sinise is one of my favorite people. He actually visited the town where I live a few years ago to attend the debut of a movie made by a couple of residents. I didn't get to meet him, tho.

  5. Let me tell you, this was Brat's doing. She was busy climbing scaffolding and shooting pictures. The rest of us got a front row concert.
    Best part. These people are seriously nice. I liked them all!

    Daph - Me, oh yeah, class clown/shy kid. a schizophrenic occurance you've probably seen from time to time. :)
    (Hey, I'm working off the second definition.)

  6. I'm going to live my exciting dream life vicariously through you! Thanks for the laughs and entertainment!

  7. Come on in Kat, we'll have to live vicariously through Brat. You'll like Brat. :)