Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good News Will Find You.

Bad news can wait.

"Honey, just tell her, you're at work."

"I can't do that." Frustrated Rob ignores the phone and stares at me. "I can't lie to my Mom."

"Uh huh," I swipe a cloth through the dust on the end table. "How many messages has she left?"

I get the stink eye, but after a minute, he scrolls through his messages and then glances up. I raise my brows.

"Seventeen." He says.

"And from your sister?" I ask.

He shrugs.

"Honestly, Honey, she's probably calling about a light bulb, or she wants a ride to Walmart." I toss the rag aside and slide a hand across his shoulder. "Go in the back bedroom and call her. Tell her, you're in Dallas, find out what she wants and then decide what to do next."

"I can't," Rob collapses on the couch, "but you can."

His expression is so conflicted that after a serious eye roll, I relent. "Fine, hand me the phone."

After a minute, Betsy answers and I go into stealth mode. "Hi Betsy, I'm in the Dallas airport, how are you?"

"Why hello Dear, how's Dallas?"

We chit chat for a moment or two and then I ask what's she been up to. Turns out she wanted a picture hung. Before help could arrive from the ground floor, she'd left countless messages with her children and the front desk.

"And you like where they hung the picture?" I grin at Rob, but his expression is closed, intense. "So what else is happening?"

"Well," she say's on a breathless sigh, "I went to an epiphany in downtown Detroit."

Okie doke. We chatter a bit and then make plans for dinner. I hang up the phone.


"Well," I plop down beside Rob, "I think your mother went to the symphony at the college in Ft. Myers."

He doesn't respond, he plucks his lower lip and studies me. "What," I ask, "you want to know if I lie to you?"

"Well, yeah."

"No honey," I start to laugh, "I tell you too much."


  1. i relate to that... rudy hears it all!...

    (you sure are collecting a lot of friends, kelly... what are you bribing them with?)

  2. Chocolate. Actually, I've fallen into Twitter and I can't get up.

  3. ah yes, I always make my husband take my mother's calls.... so much less stressful that way... for me !

  4. Loved the post, but now to what really matters. Did you say something about chocolate?

  5. I fielded a few calls here and there, but Rob was wonderful with his mom, very attentive.

    Er, chocolate, what chocolate?

  6. Such a situation. Needy parents must be difficult. I am so blessed my 89 yr old mom is just so independent in most ways. She needs a little help with some things and doesn't drive, but seriously takes care of herself.

    Did I miss the chocolate?

  7. I think it's funny she said she went to an epiphany. I go to those all the time! :)

  8. Cute post. Aging parents can be difficult. I wish mine were still here to pester me.

  9. Awwwww bless her, I guess it's tough getting old at times, she sounds like a sweetie. we all need a helping hand at times and I always think if you help somebody, one day you may need help yourself. That's my belief anyway.:)
    Oh and thanks for your comments. I don't know why you thanked me, but you're welcome xx

  10. Thanks guys,
    Betsy was great and, even in the early stages of Alzheimers, she was a whirlwind.
    Sometimes you have to roll with the brains changing perceptions and settle for moments of happiness.

  11. Funny how other people's elderly parents are so amusing. I don't find my mother funny at all but when I talk about her people can't seem to get enough.

  12. Hey Stephen,
    my family laughs at everything, mostly at each other. We're easily amused and enjoy each others company.
    Even though Rob was attentive to his mother, he was very stressed by her dementia. I think the moments they could laugh together, kept them close.

  13. Wish I could relate to this Kelly. My wife and I were both 'orphaned' way too soon, so there's a whole mixed-bag segment of life we continue to miss out on.

  14. Yeah I have a filter problem. Can I call you to talk about?

  15. Dear Mrs Tuna, sad to say, but the entire family has a filter problem. Don't even get me started on Rob. Glad you're here.

    And Mike, my leettle haiku buddy, it's always too soon to lose a parent. Might as well laugh while we're here!

  16. So cute! An epiphany? Lol! I need to go there. ;)

  17. I still chuckle over her epiphany comment. Thanks for the follow Cherie.

  18. Thanks Mojo, wait right there, I'm coming over to visit.

  19. Interesting story here. But I think we all tell our husbands too much. At least that is what I'm sticking to! :) All that for a small conversation! Ha
    BTW, love the site!

  20. LOL Thanks for sharing! We have a similar situation here, but it's my father-in-law who calls for anything and everything under the sun and moon. And it's always a matter of life and death! :) We try to smile and remember that someday soon we'll probably wish we could help them out just one more time. Thanks so much for the follow and the visit to my blog!

  21. Sam, Melissa, thanks for the great comments. I really appreciate your visits. :)

  22. Hi, Kelly. I just followed you on twitter, and here too. I Really like the story. Easy and real, with a very nice touch at the end.

    Uh ... I like chocolate too ....

  23. Thanks Paula. Mmm ... dark or milk chocolate? The white stuff doesn't count. :)

  24. Ha this is funny. I think it is a common thing with aged people. Hope I wont end up like that. My mom in law does this. Also until it is done she will pester us. Lol

  25. I know, I just wanted Rob to realize that every phone call couldn't be an emergency, and now that I taught him to turn off his phone, I can't get ahold of him.

  26. My MIL is on that road also. It seems to be a very slow process for her. In the meantime she sees a great deal of humor in the way she is. Sometimes she talks to me in full on Japanese (she is and I'm not). This results in her cracking up for about an hour.

  27. Oh that's lovely Pat. Laughter really is the best medicine.