Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Favorite Veteran

Dad's a lucky man.

He came home to all the ordinary struggles of life. He came home without physical or emotional scars. He came home with his body intact.

He built a life, raised a family, befriended the world. Go Dad.

His brother wasn't so lucky. His test plane crashed in the English Channel.

So many men and women lost.

So many wounded.

Today, there are over sixteen hundred amputees. More than forty have lost three or four limbs.
Listen to Gary.  Enjoy Purple Haze.  Say thank you.

The Gary Sinese Foundation


Thank You


  1. I like Gary Sinise, without even watching the clip. And since I came so close to losing several limbs in the accident, this is something I can relate to....

  2. Today in Australia (November 11) is Remembrance Day- a day where we honour the fallen.

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your visits.

  4. My thanks to your Dad and my condolences for the loss of your uncle. Nicely done.

  5. Thanks for sharing :-)
    Your favorite Sister

  6. Thanks Jo. :)

    And yes, I'm always facing my favorite sister! Hugs

  7. Lovely tribute. I've also blogged about my dad. It's memorial day today (Nov 11th) in UK as well. Poppy Day as it's also known. Wearing the Poppy with pride!

  8. Hi Jolene, thanks for stopping by. Please leave chocolate.

    Lena, I loved your son's recording. Great voice.

    Thanks Ladies -Kelly

  9. Thank you! Very well done! Brat!

  10. I'm glad you dad made it back okay and so sorry about your uncle. My cousin lost part of his leg and arm from an IED. They rebuilt his arm and hand - amazing! He has a prosthetic leg. I can't imagine the horrors these men and women have dealt with, but they are true heroes and deserve recognition. Thanks for this post.

  11. So many amputees. That's why I can get behind The Gary Sinise Foundation.
    Our men and women, returning home, rebuilding their bodies, reclaiming their lifes. Pure heart and inspiration.

    Thanks for visiting Lyn.

  12. My dad was lucky like yours, but also, like your dad, he lost 2 brothers; the only 2 he had. One was killed at Normandy and the other not sure where he was killed but is buried in Hawaii. I never got to meet either.

  13. Excellent, excellent post! You have a new follower. Thanks!