Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crash Test Dummy

"You tried to kill me."

Really, we're doing this again? I set down a glass of cabernet and stare at my sister. Beamer is at her historical best. "I did not try to kill you'.

"You were out of control when you slammed into me."

"I hit an ice patch." My voice rises, so I breath deep and reach for my glass.

She smirks. "You could have killed me."

Oh for the love of God. "Did it ever occur to you, that you saved my life?"

Her brows wing up. "Uh huh, and how did I save your life?"

"I was what, fourteen, fifteen?" Sensing a trap, Beamer gives a slight nod, so I continue. "When I hit the ice, I was headed straight for a huge tree trunk." I hold both hands out from my sides. "Huge."

"You were out of control."

"Yeah, well, who knew skis had edges."

She splutters. "Of course skis have edges. Mom and Dad wouldn't let you ..."

Her voice trails off and I nod. "Mom only skied a few times and Dad, well Dad made it up the mountain to film us, but I'm not not too sure how he made it down again."

"Okay, but what about ski team, didn't they check our equipment?"

"Beats me, you were on the alpine team, but I skied cross country."

"Well," she purses her lips, "you stole my car."

Oh for the love of God.


  1. Haha I forgot that one :-)

  2. Sisters are known for there tricky stories. Gotta watch your back when them lovies.

  3. I didn't have sisters but this sounds the way I imagine them.

  4. you never fail to give me a laugh.. :D

    and by the way, one of these days i am going to have rudy make you some baleadas - homemade tortillas and all.... have him mail them direct to your front door.... one of these days, kelly...

  5. I feel bad for your dad who probably had a very rough trip back down the hill. I hope you still have the video... :)

  6. Okay, you guys should visit Stephen over at He makes me laugh with every post!

  7. Yum warm tortillas!

    And Crystal, I'm pretty sure Dad rode down on the lift. :)

  8. I am familiar with hysterical situations. ;D The details always get muddled with time. Probably for the best.

    Have and awesome day!

  9. I once fell off a sky lift (regular aerial bench type) but we were only about ten to twelve feet up and there was DEEP powder, so all I was left with was a good story. families are supposed to fight with each other. strangers would kick you in the stomach or just walk away...well, on second thought, family members still might kick you in the stomach, but they hardly ever just walk away.

  10. Ahh siblings. My brother swears I tried to kill him, but he was the one that snuck up on me when I was swinging a golf club. Just saying.

  11. Hehehe! This was awesome! Aren't siblings the best?

  12. Had to read it twice and then appreciated it.

  13. What would we do without our sisters to keep things straight for us ; )

  14. This is soooooo my sisters and I, shoot, even my brothers too! hahahaaa!!! Gotta love our siblings! LOL

  15. You make me glad I'm an only child. And that I can't ski.

  16. Wily, I believe that my memory is better than theirs. :)

    Oh Billy, did you ever bring back memories. I've been around the bull wheel ... as an adult, and a certain sister used to throw herself off the chair and into the powder. Uhhuh, the bright one!

    Oh no, Joshua, I've been on the happy end of the golf club. Fortunately sis wasn't brain damaged. (much) :)

    And for the rest of you, I've decided to hold a raffle. Just send your addresses and I'll duck tape the sibs and sent them fed-ex. Ready, get set ...

  17. HA! This reminds me of some conversations I've had with my brother and sisters. I was the oldest of four, so I was a bit outnumbered.

    For the love of God, indeed.

  18. Yep, us oldies have to stick together. Thanks for the visit Bryce.