Monday, February 27, 2012

Kat Wears Rose Colored Glasses

I like Kat.

I like her no nonsense, no rules, take it or leave it award.

I'll keep it.

The only problem is, she sent it to the same list of bloggers I would. So ...

If you want to say thank you for a little encouragment, please lift this award and pass it along to your friends.

And visit Kat


  1. I love it! Short and to the point, just like you! :D)

  2. I've never been accused of having an encouraging heart, so I think I'll pass. But if you get an award for trying to be funny at the wrong time and place I'll take that one.

  3. ...and I'll take the Mediterranean Drama Queen award for my work tanty today if anyone has one to spare.....

  4. And, I'll take the Florida Drama Queen award for my recent rants about awards...LOL

    Actually, I like the Drama Queen award idea. Thanks Marlia. Mind if I take it and run with it?

  5. Kat is great.
    But I am late
    in posting my award from her.
    (Well I was going for a haiku there, but I am hungover as hay-ell, and I think I FAILED. sigh. *headache* )