Saturday, September 8, 2012

We've Been Here Before

Oh yes we have.

"So," says Rob looking over the rim of his reading glasses, "How much do you weigh?"

I flash him the stink eye but the man is impervious so I grit my teeth and growl. "I thought you and Luis were going to drag the boat out of the muck."

The time is 6:37. 

The good news comes on at 6:30. I have to call work at 7:00 and find out if I have a trip tomorrow. Maybe I do, maybe I don't, but if I'm on the short-list, I go to bed at 7:03, leave the house at 02:00, and nap at the alligator alley rest stop until I get the call.

My temper has been inching north since noon.

The time is 6:38 

Rob spots Simon and bends down to scratch his ear. "So," I heave a sigh, "do you need a hand?" 

Rob pulls up his shirt and scratches his belly. "That'd be nice."

"Dammit Rob," I stomp to the bedroom, "I told you twenty minutes ago that I wanted to watch the news. I told you that I had to go to bed early. I told you ..."

Even I tire of my rant so I tear off my pajamas and yank on a pair of shorts.

When I return, Rob is not behind the wheel of the truck, he is rolling on the floor with the dog.

The time is 6:38.

"Can we get this over with?" I say as I head outside, mindful to slam the door in my wake.

I ignore Rob's chuckle, haul myself into the bed of the truck and settle my weight over the stuck tire.

Slowly, ever so slowly, cause he knows I'll blow a gasket if he doesn't get this in one, Rob pulls the truck and trailer to dry land.

"Just remember," I say as I climb out of the bed, "you can't do this with a skinny wife."

The time is 6:39


  1. Hahaha... well, that's a definite plus for the weight!

  2. We wives are worth our weight in gold.

  3. Another reason to not want a skinny wife!

  4. LOL, kelly.... skinny is overrated!

  5. This was an accidental rerun so you guys were very kind to comment. Thank you.

  6. LOL I've never heard ballast complain so much. Great story

    1. Hey ... who you calling ballast?

      (I love to gripe as much as he loves to push my buttons :)