Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boarding School

 "Lillian, you will take your spoiled daughter to that damned boarding school in Los Angeles or I will ship her so far away you will only see her once a year. I will not lose another child."
   "You haven't lost a child Henry, Virginia is a married woman."
   I'm sure father would have found favor with Ginny's marriage if she hadn't up and eloped with a military man. He's always carrying on that he would be better off without her nonsense, but why should I have to pay for my older sister's disobedience? 
   Father's tone has a sharp edge and, when he paces out of view, I inch my nose around the top rung of the bannister to study mother's expression. Her mouth pinches into a tight vee but she stays silent. She doesn't defend me and when father doesn't come back she bows her head.

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  1. I would do very well with an ultimatum like that. My kids always came first!

    1. Right. My mom is a master, she would never sweat an ultimatum.

  2. Older sibs have all kinds of effects on us.

    1. My younger sibs ignore me. Silly sibs.